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We provide general contracting and construction management services to Reylenn Properties and to third party developers on a selective basis.

Reylenn Construction Company, Inc. ("RCC"), an affiliate of Reylenn Properties, LLC, provides a highly skilled and efficient team (including a LEED Accredited Professional) with extensive expertise in all aspects of the construction process, including conceptual design, pre-development, preconstruction estimating and construction operations.

The members of the team have a broad range of experience including high-density urban infill development, construction technology and management for Type-3, Type- 3 Modified, Type-5, Type-5 Modified construction and have successfully achieved approvals on Alternate Means and Methods with various building departments and City Boards of Appeal. The construction team has an unparalleled track record in project safety and the completion of complex projects on-time and within budget.

Since 2009, RCC has successfully completed over 4,967 units with a contract value in excess of $808,000,000 and currently has an additional 1,941 units under construction with an aggregate contract value of approximately $218,000,000.

Our California Contractor’s License No. is 945575.

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